For starters, stock up on the necessary adaptations, such as hand blender, juicer. Good to have in the kitchen, a steamer and a microwave. Importantly, the used appliances can be easy to keep clean.
There is a view that it is better to start with vegetable puree, because the kid who has tasted the fruits, subsequently refuse vegetables.
Purees for the first feeding should be one-component (prepared from a single vegetable, such as potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower). Not suitable for a first acquaintance of the kid with vegetables peas and cabbage, as they cause flatulence. Please note, on the "store" mashed potatoes and be guided by their composition and the age at which you can give it to puree baby. Choose fresh vegetables without defects. Do not store them in the refrigerator more than two days. If it is not possible to buy fresh vegetables, choose frozen. As a rule, the more nutrients and vitamins are kept whole and not sliced fruits and vegetables.
Vegetables, hard vegetables you need to wash, peel and seeds, cut into pieces and cook for a couple. You can also bake in the oven, the microwave, or simply cook in a saucepan. In the latter case you should not add a large amount of water – even if it closes the vegetables in less than half. Cover pot, this will reduce the cooking time. Do not add during the cooking process the sugar, salt, spices, and honey.
Cooked vegetables (fruit) hot grind by blender, the potatoes just mash them with a fork, apples to wipe through a sieve. Then add water (or broth), as the resulting puree is too thick for a child. Vegetable purees you can pour ½ teaspoon of refined vegetable oil (preferably sunflower, as olive has a specific taste that may not please the child).
Be attentive to the temperature of the food – mashed potatoes should not be hot. Pre-cooked puree can be stored in the refrigerator more than two hours.
Start to give the child puree with ½ teaspoon, gradually bringing up to 50 g to 6-months of age, up to 100 grams to year. Observe the child's reaction to a new product. Gradually introduce into your baby's diet two and three mashed potatoes, with 8-9 months of age to the vegetables, add the boiled chopped meat (chicken, Turkey).