Open the context menu for the desktop "My computer" click right mouse button and select "Properties". Use the tab "computer Name" in the dialog box, and then click "Identification" to launch the utility wizard.
Miss the first window of the wizard, clicking "Next" and apply the checkbox in the line "this Computer is for home use" next. Click "Next" and complete the first stage of connection by pressing the "done" button in the new dialog box.
Reboot the system and call the main menu by pressing the "start" button. Go to "My computer" and open the link "my Network places". Expand the "Network tasks" and select the "Set up a home network".
Skip the first dialog box of network setup wizard by clicking "Next" and confirm installation of the required equipment by pressing again the same button in the next window. Apply the check box on the "This computer connects to the Internet through..." in the new dialog box, and then click Next.
Type a description and computer name in the corresponding fields of the next dialog box and click "Next" to go to the next window. Type the workgroup name in the same field of the next window. Please note that this name must be the same on all computers in the local network. Click "Next" and complete the network configuration by pressing the finish button in the last window of the wizard.
If you want to change settings use the folder "my Network places". Open the link "view network connections" and expand the required connection by double-clicking. Change the required settings manually or use the Fix button to switch to automatic mode.