Hatha yogasanas Hatha yoga, if your goal is to achieve universal peace, harmony, acceptance of self and the world. This kind of yoga can be called a classic. It contains static postures-asanas, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation practices.
Kundalini yogachallenge yoga aims to awaken the sleeping Kundalini energy. This kind of yoga is more suited to healthy people, since some of the asanas is not so easy to perform, and even harder to stay in certain poses for need to achieve the effect of time.
Ashtanga-soganli you – restless, mobile people, Ashtanga yoga is definitely for you. This style is characterized by quick change of positions, high physical activity, suggesting that the practitioner is in good shape.
Iyengar-jagatpita preference for this view ofthe practice, if you are not very active lifestyle. Iyengar yoga is slow and with scrupulous accuracy performed asanas. Poses are simple, and because the practice suits people with any degree of fitness.
Wine-soganli you need to get rid of the consequences of physical injury, Vini-ord may be the best choice. Here the correct execution of the poses sacrificed for comfortable feelings. Vini-yoga is a gentle kind of practice, characterized by the fact that here the practice itself adapts to training, and not Vice versa.