Itself test the choice of profession can be short, consisting of 20 questions long, and includes blocks of questions about your interests, your character, logical questions. In the first case it will simply help you to classify themselves as "techies" or "Humanities" - nothing more. In the second case, the test will be able to determine your strengths and weaknesses, what you tend.
No test will give you definite guidelines. As a rule, the result is a group of occupations in which you can theoretically succeed. For example, the teaching profession. Or profession related to the organization of people, processes. More clearly everyone chooses, especially since over time there are new profession.
First test the choice of profession it is best to go in high school. This is especially important for those who can't decide what University to act. But people and priorities change, so unlikely to think that you mastered in high school specialty will really be your calling and they will be your entire life. Is to pass a test on the choice of profession and senior year of high school, when you start looking for first job. You may find that your specialty is you are not so interesting and not so fit. Of course, this is not a reason to panic: while you are young, you can easily "escape" into some related area, to develop from scratch a different profession , or even obtain second higher education.
It often happens that a person with a large enough experience it seems that in his profession he has reached the "ceiling", and that she is not as interested in it as before. In this case, the test for choice of profession might also be useful: it can tell in what direction it is moving, how much you and your preferences.
Take the test for career choice the easiest on the Internet, these tests are posted on many sites. But if you are not very satisfied with the result or if the test show you primitive, you can contact the recruiting Agency or in the career Center at MSU (the"Center of testing and development "Humanitarian technologies"). As a rule, it can be completed for a small fee.