Often people cannot find work due to the fact that it does not set itself such a goal. For example, just find any work – this is very important because you have to earn money. And to achieve this, one sets a goal and executes certain stages. But in the case of search of a profession for the soul, many believe that it is possible to do at your leisure, if you have spare time. Therefore, they do not set goals and just do nothing. Set a goal to find their favorite thing, think about what steps you need to perform to advance in this search, make a plan of action.
Some are inactive due to the fact that at the moment they don't know what I want and constantly postpone the search for later. Thus, they risk to stay in the same place. Search of a profession in mind – this is business, not simple reflection, and it requires human activity. Try to answer the following questions:
• If your life had some purpose, whatever it was?
• What would you give to others?
In accordance with the received answers, try to define their life mission.
It is impossible to find a favorite pastime, not trying himself in different activities. To understand whether you like it or not, just trying to do it. Picking up a piece of paper, make a list of what you like to do. In any case do not think that this can be your case. Just reflect and remember new facts. Reading a list, break all classes for certain groups, as each of them have some common characteristics. Selecting the favorite group, you will understand what kind of work you like.
Find someone who is already involved in the profession that you chose. Ask him for advice. If he successfully does it, then why do not you come?
Ask yourself what steps you can take to begin to do what you love. After that for half an hour do some exercise. Then when done, give a more complete answer, because workout produces endorphins that stimulate the brain.
Picking up a dictionary, open it on the first page. Select a word, read its definition. It can help you?
Go only reasonable risks. Before you rush with all forces in a new business, calculate the chances of success. If all have to start from scratch, try to create a "safety cushion" of a pending just in case money.