Tie a chain of ten loops.
Enter the hook into the first loop of the chain after the hook and provarite single column without nakida. In the subsequent loop chain provarite in order: one column with nakida, one column with two brides, two columns with three brides, two columns with two yo, one column with nakida, single column without nakida. In the last loop of the chain provarite one connecting column, single air loop, again one column connecting to the same last loop of the chain.
Therefore, you should get as a result half of the leaf.
Turn the knitting and knit in the reverse order the same number of columns, inserting the hook into the same chain of air loops, but now the other side of the leaf.
After the base sheet, the column without nakida, proverite one connecting the column to the center of the paper (i.e. in the first air loop of the chain, which began operation).
You can then purl the required number of loops for the formation of the stem, if required by the product, or to add, for example, two such piece, creating a Shamrock.
To leaves was finalized and had a more rigid form, and tie them "crayfish" step by step". Thread for tying, you can choose a tone darker than the linked sheet. To give a "scalloped" shape, you can tie the sheet columns without nakida with Pico.
You can increase the length of the leaf, initially linking a greater number of loops. Please note that this will not be possible to change the width of the paper, as the columns, providing the widest part of the leaf, it is better to do nothing more than with the three brides (at least four).
However, you can change the shape of the leaf, increasing or decreasing the number of different columns.