You will need
  • - threads;
  • - needles or hook;
  • - cm tape.
If you decided to link hat crochet, start from the top. Dial a chain of several loops and lock it in the ring. Next knit in a circle, dividing knitting into 10-12 pieces (depending on thickness of thread) and adding to each part by 1 loop.
Before the beginning of each row pick up knitting one loop if the knit columns without nakida – one aerial loop, if with stitches on three loops. Finish each row the connecting loop.
First add the two loops, then one at a time. As soon as the circle reaches the desired diameter (slightly less than the circumference of child's head), stop adding loops and just knit in circles. From time to time try a hat on the baby to determine the end of the binding.
If you decide to knit, start bottom. Measure the head circumference of the child and tied a small sample and find out how many loops in one centimeter, determine how many loops you need to dial.
Knit the hat or cloth. Trying it on the child's head or comparing with another hat, you will be able to determine the beginning of reduction loops. Divide the canvas in 6-8 pieces and cut one loop on part. A few rows of a cut already at two loops. When the needles will remain 5-10 loops, assemble them on the thread and tighten.
To a cap in any position covered the baby's ears and not withdrawn, davaite wide ties. To do this, try the product on the baby and colored string, mark the top and bottom edges of the tie (top is about eye level, lower for the ear).
Type of edge loops (if you crochet, just keep knitting) and vivacite ties of necessary length and width. Under the neck, they can end with a button, Velcro or tie in a bow.
If the thread from which you knit enough warm and thick, make a child's winter hat in the lining. As padding can use another cap of thinner yarns, sewn inside. Or cutting the lining from a soft natural fabric (flannel or cotton knit) and an insulation layer (batting or a synthetic winterizer). Carefully collect all the details and stitch together.
Decorate a child's winter hat with POM-poms, tassels, lace trim or other available means. You can also link or cut from a fabric of the applique and sew on top. A very small baby, sew on a hat funny ears (they can also be linked, to sew from fabric or fur).