To congratulate the chief with the day of birth you can, if you follow some rules.Observe your boss, try to find out the range of his interests and Hobbies. Talk to the employees who longer you work in this organization, because they can have much more information about the strengths and weaknesses of the chef.
After collecting sufficient amount of information about the interests of the supervisor, proceed to the analysis of accumulated data. Be sure to put yourself in his place. Try to wonder about, and what a surprise on the day of birth in this case would have wished for you.
Take the time to prepare the surprise or the gift choice, because you will present to your supervisor, maybe, depends on his attitude towards you, as employee.
Congratulations of the head so that subsequently, other colleagues did not take your greeting as a desire to get promoted, to the detriment of the rest of the team.
Prepare unusual packaging for even the most simple gift, place the text of the message quality in an unsealed envelope to the chief concluded that you are no trifles, and that you approach every case very carefully. The envelope should not be sealed so as not to give the greeting of ambiguity.
Prepare a small, but impressive speech of congratulations. Moreover, during its utterance pause allowing the head to insert remarks (comments). Remember that bosses don't like it when their employees speak a long time in their presence, even if it involves laudatory rants.
Try to link the original greeting with the benefit of the entire organization that this person is headed.