Advice 1: How to congratulate with the anniversary of the chief accountant

The birthday of one of the members of the team - always a cause for celebration at work. Especially if he's the chief accountant, the person controlling the finances and plays a huge role in the fate of each employee.
How to congratulate with the anniversary of the chief accountant
Cooperate the strength of the entire team. Sole greeting will look at least ugly, so speak to your colleagues and offer to arrange a small celebration for your accountant in honor of its anniversary. Discuss possible gift and the amount each is willing to invest in it. To make it all better at least for a week, not to run at the last moment.
Assign a time for congratulations and inform about it the authorities. Such moments belong to the non-working, so it is better to pass beyond the working day. For example, stay half an hour after it, or arrange a ceremonial greeting at lunchtime. From the authorities required the presence and the correct step is to give him the word in the beginning.
Give the gift all together, the applause and friendly greetings. Sincere smiles of the staff will please the chief accountant to his birthday party and will leave fond memories for a long time.
Make a poster or get a big card. It must be present congratulatory poems and the signatures of all participants of the festival. If you find a card with a poem for the chief accountant has failed, do not despair. Make a poster and print nice words on their own. For example, "Money is a difficult thing to clutter is not to be! Accounting - science. As with money to live together! And balance sheets, and reports is no small matter. Our accountant knows clearly how, where, and how!".
A poem chosen especially for this occasion, will always be in place. You can read it alone or to organize a mini-performance by giving each employee on two lines. Poems for congratulations chief accountant you can find on this website:
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The gift does not have to be linked with the sphere of the accountant. You can give something useful or something that decided to give the office area.

Advice 2: How to congratulate your father happy birthday

On the Day of birth of the native and favourite person I want to come up with something special. Original greeting, of course, to be remembered. But the surprise for the father should be prepared such that positive emotions on the holiday appeared as much as possible.
How to congratulate your father happy birthday
You will need
  • -Internet;
  • money.
  • -flowers.
Day gift birthday dad choose to heed his wishes, tastes and habits. Best thing to do is not the last day. Shopping, browse Internet pages and find something special and original. The choice of gift entirely depends on the preferences of the person. If your father is a man of pragmatic, choose a useful gift. If he has a hobby, it is worth spending time and money to complete your collection of unusual specimen or to present to the father the rod of the newest model.
Perhaps your father is a kind, creative and romantic. Then the perfect gift would be tickets to the theater or to a concert. Obviously, you should give them in advance to the Day of the birth of the hero of the occasion held in a creative atmosphere. For someone who works a lot, as a gift fit for the trip to the rest home.
When giving a gift try to say those words that will assure father in your feelings for him. It is possible that the greetings will be more appropriate not well-known poems, and several proposals prepared for the Pope. It is not necessary to do a distinct focus on how many years the hero of the occasion. After all the fun and celebration is not the place for reflections on age and fast period of time.
Prepare a bouquet specially for dad. Children can opt for colors that will "speak" about certain things. Maybe these flowers you remember from childhood. And maybe a bouquet of wild plants will remind the father about how he took kids on trips into the countryside.
If the father lives very far away, don't forget to call him on the Day of the birth as soon as possible that he felt about him, remember and think. But it is best to still try to come to the Pope, after the visit of the children has always been and remains for parents the best gift.

Advice 3: How to assign IO chief accountant

In order to appoint an acting chief accountant must make a combination of professions. For that you should write additional agreement to the labour contract and to make the order on appointment of the employee during the absence of the chief accountant, to set the remuneration for such a combination.
How to assign IO chief accountant
You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - forms of the relevant documents;
  • - documents of the organization;
  • - the seal of the enterprise;
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - handle.
To appoint an acting chief accountant should be leading accountant. Conclude with the worker a supplementary agreement to the employment contract, which list the rights and obligations to be performed by employee, along with their labour functions on the main position. Specify the size of the surcharge, which will serve as a reward for the performance of leadership. This can be a percentage of the salary of chief accountant or a percentage of the salary for the position, which is the main for professional.
Write the period for which the employee is assigned during the absence of chief accountant. Specify in the agreement with the employee to establish the right to sign financial and other documents for the chief accountant.
The terms of the contract shall be agreed upon by the employee and agreed upon. The right of signature of the agreement is the company Director of the company, sealed by the enterprise, on the part of the employee assigned to the acting chief accountant specialist, in this case leading accountant.
Make the order in the header which you enter full and abbreviated name of company or surname, name, patronymic of a physical person, if the organizational-legal form of enterprise sole proprietorship.
After the title of the document, which should be written in capital letters, indicate the number and date of publication of the order, enter the name of the city where the organization is located. Write the topic of the document, which in this case corresponds to the bound appointment acting chief accountant. Enter the reason the order of which is the replacement of the employee at the time of his absence.
In the administrative part of the order, enter the period for which the duties of the chief accountant goes to a leading accountant. The period of overlapping professions in accordance with the labor laws can be no more than a month. The appointment for a longer period should apply as a transfer. Write your surname, name, patronymic, position of the employee assigned to the acting chief accountant. Enter the amount of remuneration for combining trades. Install transfer for the signature of the chief accountant to the employee.
Sign the document with the seal of company and signature of the head of the enterprise. Become familiar with the order of the employee under the painting.
In the event of transfer for the signature of the chief accountant should sign and enter the surname, name, patronymic, position of the employee in accordance with the staffing, to specify the date and number of order, which goes right over the signature of the chief accountant, and then to affix a personal signature.

Advice 4: How to translate IO chief accountant the chief accountant

Suppose the position of chief accountant was appointed acting as the lead accountant on the annual basic paid holiday. After the withdrawal of the chief accountant have decided to resign, and the employer decided in its place to transfer an employee who is temporarily performing labor function
How to translate IO chief accountant the chief accountant
You will need
  • - job description chief accountant;
  • - Memorandum from the Manager of structural subdivision;
  • - staffing;
  • - the form of the transfer order;
  • - the local normative act;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation.
The procedure of the dismissal of the chief accountant, heads of structural divisions, which employs a worker who temporarily replaced first must make a report. In it, he should prescribe, for the vacant position is required to transfer the employee, as it coped with the job the chief accountant. He needs to point his education, qualifications, experience. To note, as a rule, you can attach the feature to the specialist. In the case of a positive decision of the Director should be put in the upper left corner of the document, the visa with the date and personal signature.
The employee who performed the work function of chief accountant during his vacation, should write the application addressed to the first entity of the company. It must Express their request to transfer with the position he takes on the position of chief accountant. In a statement, the head of the company must put a resolution with date and signature.
Make an agreement with the transferred to the position of chief accountant of the employee. Write a list of duties to be performed by the incumbent on the above-mentioned positions. Previously, you should familiarize the technician with the job description of a chief accountant. On the part of the employer must sign the agreement the Directors of the company to assure the company's seal, from the employee – translated specialist.
Make a order. The basis of his edition is the agreement with the employee. Prescribe in administrative part of the list of duties of the chief accountant, the salary, bonuses, awards for the position in accordance with the local normative act of the company. Sign the order signed by the Director or other authorized person. Become familiar with the document of the employee.
In the workbook the employee record of the transfer. Put the date of entry. Information about work write: "Translated from the position of chief accountant the chief accountant." Base record will be the order of the transfer, specify the number and date. Sign the record company stamp, signature of the person responsible for recording, storing, maintaining labor books. In a personal card you should make a note on transfer to the post of chief accountant.
Be aware that the position of "Acting chief accountant" in staffing does not exist. Temporarily the execution of job function the chief accountant is assigned to another worker. Therefore, to translate the position of chief accountant should be the position occupied by the employee in accordance with the staffing.

Advice 5: How unusual to congratulate the anniversary

Anniversary at any age means a big feast, gathering at the table with family, friends, colleagues. To the birthday boy felt like the center of attention, constantly smiled and was happy, prepare for him an unusual greeting.
How unusual to congratulate the anniversary
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - horoscopes (druid and flower);
  • paper (packaging, print, color);
  • - scissors;
  • - balloons (inflated with helium);
  • - permanent markers;
  • - photos of the celebrant;
  • - video projector;
  • - money.
Start thinking about unusual birthday greetings in advance, it will need to be prepared. Please contact the management company draws. They come up with an exciting adventure, depending on the interests and age of the celebrant. Greetings will be performed by professional actors according to the chosen theme. This gift is memorable and original, but will require a significant financial investment.
Check out floral or druid horoscope. According to them, pick up the hero of the day its a flower or a tree (many unusual plants are dwarf and ornamental variants and analogues). Print the text to characterize the person. Attach it to the card together with recommendations for the care of a plant. Will make an unusual birthday greetings, after reading the "Rules of the reference with the birthday boy" (redo in comic form after the flower).
Buy plain colored balloons with helium. Prepare a congratulatory text. On a few balls (or a single) write the date. Leave the others clean, cook, permanent marker. Offer him some balls to write on them everything from what he wants to get rid of in the new year (illness, sadness, sorrow, etc.) and released into the sky. The balloon date also let them be sent in all others, the most important thing – a state of mind, not age.
Make a video as a congratulations on the anniversary. Include photos of the birthday boy, family, friends, clippings of your favorite movies, lines from poems, aphorisms, etc. Pick up music – it can be like a favorite song hero of the day, and just appropriate for the theme tune. Write the greeting line, add them in the video. Such a greeting you can do, both independently and in order.

Advice 6: How to congratulate your wife on birthday

The birthday of your wife is often even for the most caring husband a real stress. It is very important to my wife so that it will be long remembered. Positive memories and feelings of gratitude make life a lot easier.
How to congratulate your wife on birthday
Over the years more and more difficult to congratulate the spouse unusual manner. Fantasy is depleted in proportion to the number of years lived together. Information about what kind of gift he wants the wife, simplify your life with only half. It is important not only to give a good gift, but make it very special.

Romance never fails. If you recently married, romantic greetings to your wife seem very nice. If your marriage has turned a lot of years, romantic things mentally will return your wife to the beginning of your relationship, which will be only a plus.
It is best to give the woman something beautiful and "useless". Of course, a set of ceramic pots will make your life more comfortable, but a brooch or earrings, in most cases, cause more vivid reaction.

Congratulate your wife romantic

Don't try to do everything as something funny or "cool." Women love cute and delicate things, not too many girls happy or even adequately perceive jokes and jokes as a congratulations. So the best option to congratulate the couple can be called poetry. Not necessarily grinding out rhymed lines, especially if you have no experience or talent. It is sufficient to choose a good poem about love, it definitely will sound better than sloppy "Julia, I love you!". If it is read at the time and in the appropriate setting, the woman certainly will appreciate it. Most importantly, remember: it's all in the entourage and according to place and time. If you read a favorite poem to your wife in a nice restaurant, and handed her the gift, your wife will be happy. Women can see the publicity of the act. If you really want to devote the wife personally written you a poem, test it on friends and acquaintances.
Do not forget about colors. A beautiful bouquet, presented in the morning on the day of birth, make your spouse's day.

Congratulate a spouse unusual

By the way, if you have a voice and a musical ear, think about how to sing a song in honor of your spouse, especially if you are going to take her to the restaurant. This, of course, requires training and rehearsals. But remember, almost all women want once in your life to hear the Serenade in her honor. The balcony and the guitar in this case can be neglected.

If you want to impress your wife, give her a special surprise. Purchase a ticket to a sanatorium or to a country where you and your wife wanted to visit. Don't say anything to the wife for her birthday, a sudden gift of such a plan will cause an amazing response, most importantly, do not let it slip in advance.
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