Cooperate the strength of the entire team. Sole greeting will look at least ugly, so speak to your colleagues and offer to arrange a small celebration for your accountant in honor of its anniversary. Discuss possible gift and the amount each is willing to invest in it. To make it all better at least for a week, not to run at the last moment.
Assign a time for congratulations and inform about it the authorities. Such moments belong to the non-working, so it is better to pass beyond the working day. For example, stay half an hour after it, or arrange a ceremonial greeting at lunchtime. From the authorities required the presence and the correct step is to give him the word in the beginning.
Give the gift all together, the applause and friendly greetings. Sincere smiles of the staff will please the chief accountant to his birthday party and will leave fond memories for a long time.
Make a poster or get a big card. It must be present congratulatory poems and the signatures of all participants of the festival. If you find a card with a poem for the chief accountant has failed, do not despair. Make a poster and print nice words on their own. For example, "Money is a difficult thing to clutter is not to be! Accounting - science. As with money to live together! And balance sheets, and reports is no small matter. Our accountant knows clearly how, where, and how!".