You will need
  • - machine for shaving hair;
  • - Hairdryer
  • gel for hair;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • - comb.
Mohawk is of several types. Classic - when the hair on the sides of the head shaved, and left in the middle of the strip width from 2 to 4 cm Spike Mohawk reminiscent of the classic, just laid stakes. And finally, the Gothic is when the hair is shaved only on the temples.
To make a Mohawk for a short time, for example, to Express their individuality at the party, it is not necessary to shave your head. Wash the hair, apply the gel, tip your head forward and dry the hair dryer against the hair growth, giving the desired shape of hair. Do it better at low power hair dryer. Once the hair is dried, spray them with varnish strong hold. Please note that to do a Mohawk best on short hair.
To create the classic Mohawkand separate in the middle of the head smooth a strand of hair and secure with Bobby pins or rubber bands and the remaining shave the sides of hair. The remaining strand necesite small comb from roots to ends, starting from his forehead. After this the bouffant hair should "stand". Lightly comb a Mohawk, to avoid gaps. Very well then fill it with varnish and let dry a Hairdryer.
Make spike a Mohawk. Take a small strand of hair and hold it at the ends, drizzle with varnish. It should take the form of a thorn. Make those spikes throughout Mohawk. If the hair is too unruly, you can first generate a spike gel, dry it with a Hairdryer, and then to fix the varnish.
Color Mohawk. If you have dark hair color to a brilliant saturated wash first obestochte hair with hydrogen peroxide. And then coat them with paint. Perfect means: methylene blue, brilliant green and iodine. But it is best to use the tonic. Especially attract the attention Mohawk, colored stripes. To do this, divide it into equal strands and paint them in the color selected through one.