Popular things to do in the plane

The first and most popular way to occupy yourself on the plane – sleep. It is the most productive method, because a person during sleep is resting. And while the person is resting, pass the flight time quickly. For those who can't sleep in the plane because of the buzz, it is recommended to take headphones.

The second method is reading. It is also a popular method of spending time in the plane. During the flight, it is appropriate to read simple pieces of music, easy to understand. It is convenient to use e-books, since they include many books, the weight of which in reality would not allow them to take.

The third method is listening to audio. Because music is relaxing. Therefore it is necessary to acquire a good set of music and the whole flight to enjoy it. In addition to music, you can listen to audio books. Can with your eyes closed to take in a beautiful work. Just keep in mind that only a good pair of headphones that covers all the organs of hearing, can afford comfortably listen to music and audiobooks.

The fourth method is suitable for business people. For them this issue is solved much easier. Because they are directly in the plane can go about their business. This is report writing, planning speeches, meetings, etc. Someone can prepare a schedule of what he will do when you arrive in the city, or to learn the local language and traditions. This kind of activity in the aircraft is the most productive.

The fifth method – a laptop or tablet. In this case, the problem of what to do on the plane during the flight, is solved by itself. Charging devices should be enough for flights of average range.

Additional methods of time on the plane

If all methods listed above are not suitable, you can use another is also a simple and known since ancient times. For this you just need to get acquainted with the neighbors on the chair. It is possible that they too bored during the flight. May I ask to whom they fly, why. There may be something in common with them. To dispel the situation well help different games, such as playing cards.

If you can't establish contact with the neighbors or are they busy with something, sleep, then we can deal with solving a crossword puzzle.

If you have to fly with a baby, you need to think in advance than to take it on the plane. The children are more restless than adults, and they might wonder if to captivate their favorite games.

If the flight travel, it would be good to plan activities and places to visit. Which excursions to sign up, who and what to buy as a souvenir.

A list of things that need to be addressed in the airplane during long flights, not to be bored, turned out quite large, so you can easily find a suitable occupation.