You will need
    • beets;
    • water;
    • pan;
    • a vegetable brush;
    • spoon;
    • knife.
Good select beets with firm, smooth, reddish skin where there is no visible damage or signs of rot. Do not buy too large vegetables lightish hue, and as the beets can be stern. Buy roots of normal size with a homogenous surface.
Take the required amount of beets and wash thoroughly in cool water. Then, using a vegetable brush, scrub root vegetables well and rinse them. To clean vegetables is not desirable. Also, do not cut the beets before cooking, because when you smallscale vegetable, its area of contact with the water increases, resulting in a significant portion of nutrients is washed out.
Put the beets in a saucepan and cover with boiling water, the amount of which measure in advance. The water should cover only a little roots, about one finger. Then cover and put on the strongest fire.
Wait until the water boils and then turn down the heat to a minimum. Remove the lid and stir regularly. This must be done so that the beets from sticking to the bottom of the pan.
Cook the vegetables for 45-60 minutes. To test the readiness of the roots, use a knife. If the knife enters the beet easily, so she's ready.
Drain the water from the pan with beets and allow the vegetables to cool. Also you can dump the root vegetables in a colander and pour ice water - so beets will be easier to clean.