You will need
    • For liver pancakes:
    • — 400 g liver;
    • — 1 onion;
    • — 1 carrot;
    • — 1 clove of garlic;
    • — 3 tbsp flour;
    • — 3 tbsp vegetable oil;
    • — salt to taste.
    • For hepatic pancakes with full sun:
    • — 500 g of minced liver;
    • Option 1:
    • — 1 bunch green onions;
    • — 3 eggs;
    • Option 2:
    • — 1 onion;
    • — 200 g of mushrooms.
Liver fritterspeel the vegetables. Onions finely chop, garlic skip through chesnokodavilku, carrots grate. In a pan heat 1 tbsp oil. Fry the onion and garlic for 5 minutes.
Clear the liver from the films and ducts, rinse in running water. For making pancakes you can take beef, pork or chicken liver. Pour the liver with water and adding sugar and salt or milk for 10-15 minutes. Chicken liver soak is optional. Dry the liver on paper towel and cut into medium-sized pieces.
Chop the liver in a blender or mince. Connect liver mince with carrots, onion and garlic, egg. Add the flour, pepper and salt. Thoroughly mix the mass. The batter should be the consistency of a thick cream.
Heat the vegetable oil. Lay out the dough for pancakes by using a tablespoon in the form of round pellets at a distance of 2-4 cm from each other. Fry on medium heat from both sides for 3-4 minutes until crisp. Necessary add some vegetable oil. Serve liver pancakes with sour cream, mayonnaise, chopped herbs.
Hepatic pancakes with primecomposite liver forcemeat as in steps 1-3. For the first variant, revival eggs, boil and finely chop. Green onions chopped. Mix the eggs with onions. For the second option pripek slice washed mushrooms and onions in small cubes. If instead of mushrooms and other fungi are used, they must be fried in small amount of vegetable oil.
Spread liver stuffing tablespoon on a heated oiled pan. On top of each pancake put pripek and slightly press it with a fork. As soon as the muffins will be baked around the edges, flip them to the other side with the surplus, and fry until cooked.