First download the Skype program and install it on your computer. Then run the program.
You will see a welcome window containing a field "Skype name" and "password". But you have nothing to enter in these fields. But under the field "username" is a great sign that can help us – "you don't Have a login?". Click on this link. This will be the first step of registration in the system.
You will be presented with the registration window, which will be entitled as follows: "Register new user". Now carefully fill in all the fields. Remember that the email address must be specified actually exists – this is to ensure that in case you need to restore your username and password when they lost, because if you will not be able to restore them, you will have to register again. Try to come up with a simple and memorable username (keep in mind that many of the usernames may be already taken), but a complex password that will not be able to pick up any foe to break-in.
You will be asked to provide personal data – name and surname, day, month and year of birth, gender, country, city and language. Here you can enter anonymous information. You will also be asked to specify the mobile phone number. It is optional, but if you specify it, your friends and family can call him via Skype. Remember that fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
Remember that registration in the system of Skype you can on the official Russian website of the program. The procedure of registration there will not be different from those already described, simply choose on the website "new user Registration" and follow the instructions.
As soon as you finish registering you can start chatting. You can add the program to their friends (to do this, choose in the program "Contacts" - "Add new contact" and type in there username or name of your friend) and can meet new people. The program features extensive. Good luck to you in their development!