Beginning in 2007, each user can install the free version of Skype, which offers various advanced features and services, for example, calls from any mobile or landline phone even without special software, if the phone is located in one of the supported 25 countries.

Skype is the main tool of voice communication, which is most commonly used on computers. It is also possible to install Skype on a mobile phone, using software developed by the company.
To install the new version of Skype, you must use the following algorithm.

Before how to install Skype, you need to make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements: CPU 400 MHz, 15 MB free space and 128 MB RAM.

To install the new version of Skype for free, just download the executable installation file SkypeSetup.exe from the developer's site. Software installation is performed in the Skype folder that is automatically created in the directory Program Files. The Skype shortcut appears on the desktop automatically.

Click on the that appears after downloading to the desktop icon SkypeSetup. You run the "installation Wizard". A window will appear warning you about the possibility to run or save SkypeSetup.exe. Click "Run". Then use the instructions showing how to install new Skype for free on computer to complete the installation of the software.

Now you need to choose one of two ways in which you will be able to run the software. Click the “Skype”, located on the desktop, or double-click on the corresponding icon in the system tray to launch the application at any time. At the end of the Skype connectivity to the network, the icon will turn green, indicating successful operation of applications on your computer. After disconnecting from the network icon immediately turns red.

Once installed, the app will offer customization of the personal profile in Skype. Request is made whether you have used Skype previously. You need to click "Create account", then enter the name, create a username and password, repeat the password in the appropriate field. Enter in your personal profile is mandatory. It will be seen by other Skype users. If you want to fill out a personal profile or want to install a new version of Skype, you can always access your profile by item "Account" in the main menu. Don't forget to record your username and password to use Skype as they will be needed each time you start the application.

Click on the button "Login". Once the account is created in Skype, you can specify that your username is shown when you run the program in the appropriate field automatically. All that is needed is to enter the password and click "Connect".
Use the instructions in the "getting started". Start creating a contact list using the button "Add contact", check the headset and microphone when using "ping", host conferences with your friends or colleagues, as well as explore other options to Skype.