Every day more and more of our friends logged in the Skype. Learning about our account of Skype on social networks, they certainly added to the contact list. What if in the friends list on Skype too many names, and it's time to distinguish between personal and business contacts? In such a situation everyone will think about creating a second Skype account.
If you have already created an account in Skype, create a second account, you will not cause difficulties, since registration in the program is quite simple. The only condition for re-registration is the prohibition to link two accounts to one mailbox. In other words, before creating a second account on Skype, create a second Inbox, otherwise registration will not be completed.
In the active Skype window open under your current user account, click "Exit". Your personal data will be canceled and you will see the login window of the program. Click on the "you don't Have a login?", to begin creating a new Skype account.
Following system prompts, specify your personal data that will be displayed in the system and open to all users. Sure to fill fields marked with an asterisk as they are mandatory for account creation. The remaining questions system respond as desired.
Create a new account bound to an additional mailbox. Enter it in the special line and click "Register". After that, the specified mailbox will be sent an email with a link to confirm and complete the registration in the system.
Log in to the specified email address and open the system message from Skype. Click on the above link and confirm the registration in the system. You can now chat on Skype using your new account.