You will need
  • - body scrub;
  • - moisturizer;
  • tool with sunscreen;
  • water;
  • - coconut oil;
  • - aloe Vera gel;
  • - after sun lotion.
Prepare the skin for sun baths. The best option is a body scrub. It can be done both independently and in salon. The result of this procedure, dead cells are sloughed off, the skin becomes more smooth. Tan lie smoother and will last much longer. After cleaning the skin with a scrub should be thoroughly moisturize and nourish it. However, this stage of care should be mandatory for the entire holiday period.
Step onto the beach only in the morning and in the evening, when the action of the rays is not as aggressive. From 11 to 17 hours to be in the sun much more dangerous. Not aiming for a quick tan. Spend on the beach, 30-40 minutes will be enough to see the tan goes on evenly and do not harm the skin. In the early days be sure to apply cream with a high level of sun protection filter (spf). The tool must use for the entire stay, and gradually choose the option with the lower protective factor. Try to upgrade after 1-2 visits in the sea. Are not under direct sunlight: in the shade of trees or an umbrella, you will get a more subtle tan.
The maximum moisturize the skin throughout the holidays, because the sun deprives it of moisture, accelerates exfoliation dead cells. You can use a special tool, after sun, or just a good moisturizing body lotion. From drying out the skin and helps sunburn gel with aloe, which must be cooled before use to enhance the effect. Relaxing on the beach, drink more water, hydrating the skin from within.
Remember that water reflects sunlight, so you risk to burn while bathing or water sports. Go ride a boat or a scooter - wear a t-shirt and a hat. Be sure to dry off, leaving the water as droplets on your skin, like the lenses, will augment the action of ultraviolet rays.