Do not stand in himself the iron lady. If you want to cry, then cry. But alone or on the shoulder of your beloved friend. Tell us everything that happens in your soul. Don't hesitate and don't worry about being misunderstood. When you Express their emotions, you will feel better. If not a friend, you can start a diary in which you record all your feelings.
Convince yourself that your life without this person would be better. Remember (or better write down) all his flaws. Certainly he was absolutely not perfect. Remember the rest of your life together. Think of all the bad he did to you. To painlessly break up with your husband, you need to understand how he is not perfect.
Take care of yourself. Fill in all your spare time, important things. Make sure that you start to play sports. Sign up in the pool, visit the gym or just run in the morning. This will help you get into shape, improve mood and will not leave time for sad thoughts.
Get a new hobby or arrange a second job. Try never to be alone. How can I more often in the team. In the society of strangers, almost all hide their real emotions. And it will be much easier to survive divorce if you're not constantly talking about the ex-husband.
Love and pamper yourself. Try daily to lift your mood. Even little things, like buying ice cream or watching an interesting film. Relax and enjoy life. Do what you want, not what others expect of you.
Do not start a close relationship immediately after a breakup. Subconsciously you are going to compare the two men. And to compare means to remember. And resentment against the male species, you can even ruin the perfect relationship. Communicate with the representatives of the stronger sex, but do not get a lover as long as feelings for her husband are not held absolutely.