If you have a recurring noise in the ears and head, it could just be the body's response to physical or emotional stress. To treat it is not necessary, but try a couple of days to relax, get your nerves and muscles in order to forget about all the problems. Usually these measures are enough to restore good health.
In the same case, if noise bothers you for some time and does not pass, this may indicate the beginning of a disease. Inevitable your consultation with physicians. And the sooner you contact, the faster will cope with the disease and, therefore, with its attendant symptoms.
Start with examination of the ENT doctor. If he finds that the reason for the unpleasant noise is the hearing, will appoint hardware procedures, intake of medications and, perhaps, also exercises or self-massage.
If necessary, the audiologist may refer you for tests to another specialist, because it causes noise in ears and head can be blood diseases, atherosclerosis, hypertension, etc. In these cases medicines are necessary. But as a Supplement to the basic treatment you can come up with some recipes of traditional medicine.
Under reduced pressure before Breakfast and lunch, take 20-30 drops of lemongrass Chinese or tincture of Eleutherococcus. In addition you benefit from regular walks in the fresh air and a contrast shower. To get rid of the noise in the head you will succeed if you drink a Cup of strong tea or black coffee. But it is better not to abuse it. Prefer tea with mint, oregano, rose petals, clover.
If you suffer from high blood pressure, when a noise in head and ears measure pressure and, if necessary, normalize it, taking his usual medication. In addition, regularly use the tinctures of the fruits or flowers of hawthorn, lemon balm, Valerian, motherwort. Helps you also point massage and warm baths. Follow the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Pay attention to your diet and reduce the consumption of oily, starchy and fried foods, replacing them with more healthy food. Reinforce daily physical activity after consulting with your doctor.
With cervical osteochondrosis may also receive noise in head and ears, since disrupted the normal blood supply of the cerebral cortex. Place mustard on the neck and the area above the blades, do hot foot bath. Try in the morning and in the afternoon to take tea with birch leaves, nettles, leaves of cowberry or bearberry.
If the noise in the ears and the head caused by vascular sclerosis of the brain your best home remedy that will teas from dandelion roots, flowers of Arnica, rose hips, sage and marsh cudweed. Also useful for you plant foods, fasting and cleansing the body of toxins. Take vitamins A, B1, B2, aloe Vera extract.