Decide where you want to work as a guide. In Russia there is no uniform certification guides, therefore, to work in Moscow and in St. Petersburg you will need to get a different license.
Find training guides, after which you will be issued the desired certificate. These courses can be found at universities or major museums. The average duration of such courses - three to four months. For admission you will need a diploma of higher historical or linguistic education, if you want to become a guide-interpreter. In some cases, such studies can take students of senior courses of universities.
Do some design license, otherwise known as accreditation. In St. Petersburg you will need to contact the City tourist information Bureau. Provide back a copy of your diploma, certificate of completion, course guides, photos. If you have experience in the field of Museum work or conducting tours, complete package of documents by copy or reference letter from your employer on official letterhead. Wait for the decision of the Commission, the results of which you will be granted accreditation. Depending on your professional level you can be certified as a tour guide or guide-interpreter first, second or third category.
In Moscow, contact the Association of guides-interpreters and tour guides. There you will be able to get a temporary and then, after a successful job, and a permanent license. There is also a special document to work in museums of the Moscow Kremlin. It can be obtained from the Directorate of the Museum, if you already have provisional accreditation from the Association.