You will need
  • as the tape;
  • - 90 gram of rosin;
  • - 30 milliliters vegetable oil;
  • - syrup or honey;
  • - Lanka and flowers of tansy;
  • - black pepper.
Do not create a situation that attracts flies. Continuously remove the crumbs and leftover food from the table, floor and chairs. Window tighten the net – this will make the house less accessible to insects. If the room is entered a lot of flies, arrange a draft. This will help to get rid of the greater part of the insects.
Hang in places where flies are specially bought tape. They can be purchased at almost any hardware store. If you wish, you can make the Velcro fly on your own. Melt 90 grams of rosin over a slow fire. Add in the received weight 30 milliliters of vegetable oil and thoroughly mix. To lure in the mixture drip a little of the sweet syrup or honey. Once the mass has cooled, apply it on the cardboard and leave in the place where most gather flies.
Stir in sweetened water, a little black pepper and leave it on the windowsill for a while. After two or three days you will see how all the flies disappear. As the prevention of water you can leave for another couple of days and then remove.
Remember that flies can not tolerate the smell of tansy, castor oil, common toadflax and castor beans. Prepare a decoction toadflax and add it to the milk. The capacity with the resulting liquid put on the windowsill. Soon you will find that all the flies disappeared. In the corners of rooms, place flowers of tansy. You can use both dry and flowering plants. Flies can not stand the smell, therefore, immediately leave your home. Castor-oil plant well to put under the window in the yard or on the windowsill in the apartment.
To get rid of small flies will help you saccharin. In a few drops of honey add a bit of saccharin and mix thoroughly. In this mixture soak a small piece of paper and let it dry. With the appearance of the flies, you will only need to slightly dampen the paper and wait for the result. After a few days, all the flies will be gone. The paper does not throw, and hide until the next time.