Try to buy Corell 10-14 weeks of age. Experts believe that such young individuals to better adapt to the new host and habitat. At the tender age of nymphs look presentable. Their plumage is less bright than in adult birds. The tail is usually slightly tousled, shortish and not very clean – the young cockatiels are not yet well cleaned and often tinkering in the bottom of the cage, blotting in the litter. The juveniles in first plumage still has a small bald spot on the crown near the crest.
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Cockatiels have gray, natural color approximate age can be determined by the color of the beak and paws. If you have young parrots they are pink and grey, in older individuals these parts of the body darker. Young cockatiels tenacious, like young kittens, soft, light claws.
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Pay attention to the color of the eyes of the nymph. Unlike the beak, claws and scales on the feet, with age, they become lighter. Young parrots the iris is almost black. Old it turns light brown.
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The juveniles cockatiels have almost no feathers on the crest. They are few and they are more direct than the old birds, the crest of which is bent forward. Between the tuft feathers of young birds can be seen of the tube from growing new feathers.
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To determine the approximate age of the bird, observe her behavior. Young cockatiels differ some clumsiness.
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Age cockatiels mutation, not gray, the color can be determined by the cere – the plot thickened and featherless skin on the beak and feet. Young parrots fingers are smooth, with age, the scales on them increase in size and become more rough and wrinkles appear. The cere in young individuals, clean, not wrinkled. Young birds also differ smooth beak without any delamination. Typically the nostrils of the Chicks beak is relatively larger than the adult relatives.