You will need
  • ОС Windows 7.
If the computers between which you want to exchange, you are running Windows 7, create for them a common "Home group". On one of the computers open the main menu and in the search query box, type "home" - four letters is enough to get the search results list, starting with links to "Home group". Click it and the wizard will begin creating this network the brotherhood of machines.
In the first form, click "Create a HomeGroup" and then shall appear the second. In it you need to put a mark in the checkboxes of those libraries, access to which is willing to provide members of the group, and go to the next form. The wizard will show you the generated password to them - it will be necessary for all who wish to join the created network Association. This code can be written or printed, and then click the "finish"button.
Connect yourself or ask on another user's computer to connect it to created a "Home group". Press the key combination Win + E on the keyboard of the second computer to open the Explorer window and wait a few seconds until the application will scan the available network resources. In the left column of the file Manager is the section "HomeGroup", which should display all currently in network computers that are members of the same group. Click the section name in the right pane, you will see a button "Join" - click it.
A window will appear with checkboxes, setting of labels which will determine the list of libraries available to other group members - make your choice and click "Next". In the following form, enter the group password and again click "Next". Then close the window using the button "Ready" and both computers are really ready to provide each other access to certain folders.
Place the file in one of the folders available from the HomeGroup, for example, "Documents" and inform the user of the second computer. He should use Windows Explorer to open under "HomeGroup" on your computer, navigate to this folder and drag the desired file to any folder of your computer.