Advice 1: How to put a password to log on to the Internet

Output in an Internet is carried out using a browser. Accordingly, in order no one but you could use the Internet on the computer, the password you need to put it on the browser itself. The process of setting the password will vary depending on what program you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer or Opera).
How to put a password to log on to the Internet
If you are using Internet Explorer, run it and open the menu "Service". Next click on "Internet options", select under "Content". You will see a window with the field "access Restriction". Click "Enable". Now you just have to select "General" and set a password.
Those who use Opera browser, you have to make a little more manipulation. The fact is that directly from the program settings to set the password not (this option acted in earlier versions of Opera, now disconnected). Therefore, you will need to download additional software. Quite common is the program Exe Password. It is designed to work with any version of Windows. To download it, visit the official website of the developers - there you will find a section called Download.
After you download the file with the program, run it to install. Now go to Opera browser. Right-click on its shortcut. In the context menu after the installation program should see the Password Protection, click on it. After that, the screen will appear "setup password". Create your password and type it in the box titled New Password. Don't forget to repeat it in the appropriate field, Retype New P. Then there will be only press Next and then Finish.
So no one but you couldn't get online, you can also create several accounts and ask each of them the required parameters. In addition, restrict access, and using the antivirus program. For example, the "Kaspersky" is the option "Parental control".
If you in future want to remove the password from the browser, keep in mind that a simple uninstall is not enough, the password still remains. Therefore, to cancel clean the registry.
Useful advice
After you set a password, make sure that the procedure was successful.

Advice 2 : How to put a password on Opera

In early versions of the Opera browser to set the password at the start could be from the settings menu of the program. In recent versions the developers have disabled this option, and to make Opera was impossible to start without a password, you must use additional software.
How to put a password on Opera
For most users we can recommend the program Exe Password which works on any of the existing versions of Windows. Download it on the official website of the developers. The download link you will find in the Download section. After the installation file is downloaded, run it and install the application.
Now click on the Opera shortcut, right-click and select the context menu item Password Protection, which appeared after installing the program. You will see the setup Wizard password. Enter the password in the New Password field and retype it in the Retype New field to P. Press the Next button and then Finish button. Start Mozilla and verify that the password is installed and run the program requires its input.
Be careful: after you delete the Exe Password from your computer, set the password is stored! To fully remove the program, you will need the registry cleaning.
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