To set a password on the computer correctly, you first need to come up with!

But before you begin to setup password, you need to come up with. It's not as easy as it seems at first glance. Experts advise not to use as the password the user's birth date, name, or name and other personal information. Also, don't use the word Password, Username or Reparole who are so fond of some users. All of the above options are not suitable because in computer hacking, attackers or special virus programs first, try these combinations. It is also desirable that the password on the computer was a complex that is combined as alphabetic and numeric characters. The total length of the password for Windows must be at least 6 characters.

Ideally, the password should be any abstract concept or a definition, not related to the biography of the user, or came from his classes. One of the easiest ways to come up with a strong password, open a random book to a random page, remember first caught the eye of the word and add to it the date of the month.

To set a password on your own through the control panel

So, to set the password, click on the start button. Next select the Settings in this control Panel. In the newly opened window click on the tab user Accounts. To set a password on the computer correctly, select the account of your computer and click on the button create a password. On the monitor, a menu will appear with two blank lines. First, you need to enter the password in the second confirm it.

Once you do, press the button to Create a password at the bottom of the menu. The password will be generated automatically. Then restart the computer.