You will need
  • The table editor Microsoft Office Excel version 2007 or 2010.
If you number have data in an existing table, the structure of which is not provided for this column, it will have to add. To do this, select the column before which should stand rooms by clicking its title. Then click selection, right-click and select the context menu command "Paste". If the numbers should be placed horizontally, select the row and using the context menu add a blank line.
Enter the first and second numbers in the elementary cells are selected for numbering column or row. Then select both those cells.
Move the mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of the selection - it needs to change, ridged, plus become plus black and flat. When this happens, press the left mouse button and drag the border of the selection to the last cell of the enumeration.
Release the mouse button and Excel will fill all the rooms allocated in this way cell.
The described method is useful when number need a relatively small number of rows or columns, and for the remaining cases, it is better to use another variant of this operation. Start with entering the number in the first cell on created row or column, and then select it and open the drop-down list on the Fill. On the Home tab in the menu of the table editor, it is placed in the command group Edit. Select the command "Progression".
Set the direction of numbering by checking the box next to "by rows" or "columns".
In section Type, select method of filling cells with numbers. The usual numbering corresponds to the item "arithmetic", but here you can set and the numbers increase exponentially, and you can set several variants of calendar dates.
For the usual numbering, leave the field "Step" value by default (unit), and if the numbers should increase with another increment, type the desired value.
In the field "Limit value" enter the number of the last cell which should be numbered. After that, click OK, and Excel will fill the column or row numbers in accordance with the specified parameters.