The first thing to remember, never blindly follow fashion, and with careful attention to the recommendations on the Internet, which often repel the reader banal illiteracy, not to mention the rest. The second rule is that clothing should be as feminine.

The basic wardrobe should consist of simple but stylish things. A fitted blouse is desirable that the top can be put on a sweater and at the same time, to emphasize the waist. Pants and skirts can be of different length depending on shape and growth. Should eliminate baggy clothing. Do not be afraid to wear unusual things with unusual cut. Such clothing will give a fresh look.

Jeans. It is desirable that the back pockets were located as low as possible. If we talk about the belt, low waist jeans look attractive, but do not neglect high rise, which can help out in an awkward moment, for example, to hide the belly. In addition, these jeans look great in combination with short blouses and jackets. The main objective in the selection of pants to find your ideal color, given that the colors denim material is very diverse: from light blue to black.

Dresses. It's pretty simple: the dresses should be beautiful, simple in the amount of 2-3 copies.

Jackets and coats. The same rule: beautiful, but not enough. The most important thing is the bright positive colors, the brighter, the better. It is not necessary to merge with the gray mass. But if the choice of colors is small, you can add a few accessories.

Beautiful dress a woman is a snap. The most important thing - knowledge of the main points and the ability to find "your" thing.