Realizing that the breakup was a mistake, do not rush to seek a meeting and to throw the former husband's texts. Men, contrary to popular belief, experiencing these things hard. Let his "wounds" to heal, to recover after such stress.
Giving the former spouse a break, don't miss the moment when he starts to get used to his new position. Keep your finger "on the pulse of events" and remember that his new position is much more profitable your. After divorce a woman becomes abandoned, even if the initiator was she. The man from occupied becomes free.
In any case, don't let it's children. Some women deny it to ex-husbands under the pretext of a negative impact on the child, in fact it is just a way for revenge, the desire to do hurt. If you take this step, first, the restoration of the family be forgotten, and secondly, your ex-spouse will become your Nemesis.
Try to have the meeting of the Pope with children took place at home, but seek not to attend as a chaperone. Occupy yourself with something useful, like cook something delicious for tea. Be easy to talk to. You need to make to my ex-husband was comfortable in the house.
A child will ask questions: why daddy does not live with us? Don't terminate it. On the contrary, will explain all that is available to his understanding, respond about my father well. He will surely give this to your father, because you know that it should be, isn't it?
Clean yourself up, that is, change hair, style, wardrobe. Relax at some resort. Remember, you have to look well rested and beautiful. Your eyes should Shine, that is why try not to cry.
Speaking on the topic, is to focus on the fact that the sooner you realize that divorce was a mistake, the easier it is to restore the old relationship. The easiest way would be to those women who initially behave correctly, i.e. do not offend my husband, don't make a fuss.