When the first symptoms of allergies take an antihistamine – claritin, zyrtec, loratadine and contact your allergist. To reduce itching and inflammation arising at the point of contact with detergent, you can use hydrocortisone ointment. If the result of scratching the rash, you'll put in the wound infection, the doctor will prescribe you antibiotiki. Ambien is assigned in severe cases when the rash covers large areas of the body.
To enhance the effect of treatment by traditional methods can be used and nontraditional methods for the treatment of Allergy to washing powder. Because your skin is irritable, wash without soap. Use, for example, oatmeal, which need to pour into the tub for bathing. Do not RUB the skin with a towel – affected areas can only get wet. After bathing, apply on irritated places natural cream with calendula or vitamin e With strong itching and burning sensation very good attachment to the skin compresses with onion juice or ice.
To improve the condition of skin by using proper nutrition. Include in the daily diet of seaweed. They promote the excretion of toxins and poisonous substances that will help your skin to quickly be cleansed from the rash. Fill the low level of trace elements. For skin health especially important are zinc, selenium, magnesium and manganese.
If you are allergic to washing powder it is very important to restore the health of the skin and the body as a whole. For this very good holidays at the seaside.
Soften the skin and reduce the irritation lotions from decoctions of herbs: nettle, bear's ear, mallow, elderberry, bearberry, hops, Arnica, etc. Oil from the flowers of the evening primrose is also very good reduces inflammation resulting from contact with washing powder. It must be applied until complete disappearance of symptoms.