Think about who needs what you ask from her husband? For example, you are not happy with the fact that he could not take to the cottage with your mom's TV all the time looking for different excuses. Now ask yourself the question, who needs it — him or your mother? If your husband visiting mother-in-law feels free and easy, he likes to go there and chat with her, then surely such problems simply would not arise. When every situation you ask yourself, "and in whose interests it", you finally begin to understand your husband and the motivation for his actions.
Stop to take offense at her husband, better think how to make so that he had the desire to fulfill your request, i.e. it was "in his interest". Can you promise him something nice or create special conditions in the process execution.
Learn to concede and compromise. In the end, the relationship between spouses should not be based on the principle of "who owes what to whom and duty" and the sense of responsibility for his family. Very important to be able to go to meet my husband. But not to accuse him that he doesn't understand you and isn't coming to you, it may not lead to anything. You need to start with ourselves, to take matters into their own hands and by his own example, by our own actions to show how it should be.
Find the courage to accept one solution: to leave or to stay. After all, whatever it was, and the situation is different, and sometimes all attempts to understand her husband break the wall of his selfishness and cruelty. Then you need to take a sheet of paper and write in two columns the reasons to leave and to stay. If the comparison of columns will be not in favor of family preservation, the need to find the strength to make the decision to leave. If more reason to be with your husband, do not leave their attempts to understand it and accept it for what it is.