These actions will be enough to find the first friends and acquaintances, they may even do you add. However, all this is elementary. There are other methods to find and add friends.

How to search friends on social networks

First, filled with information you may not meet her at your friends and you are not there. For a more accurate selection you can use the search form on the website where you can enter not only the name but a host of other information from city and date of birth to groups of people can be signed. This dramatically increases the chances of a successful search.

Also great way to contribute to the search for friends already found 1-2 of each with a large number of friends. For sure, you have common friends, so, checking the lists of their friends, we can take more people. This operation can be repeated any number of times.

To increase the number of friends, creating a social activity. Add new interesting photos, leave comments under other people's records, put "I like" on the pages not yet added to the list of people's friends. All of these actions draw on your page people at least to view information about the person. This is a great way to make new friends.

If you go to some public places in your city, you probably meet new people that you can also search Vkontakte. It is enough to exchange names or addresses of the page.

A lot of Facebook friends - easy!

There is a need to friends from other cities and completely unfamiliar people? Subscribe to various public pages and in groups on topics of interest. They are very easy to make a communication which will result in a +1 each to your list.

Active and sociable people are never without friends in a social network. Just do not forget that all these people are not more than friends by correspondence, to spend much time with them is not recommended unless you are personally familiar. Friendship network will never be as close as in real life.

A large number of friends can be useful to publish some interesting information on the page with the invitation of the people or for the publication of the advertisement. It is understood that most you still won't communicate every day or even every month, so you need them or not, decide for yourself. Use social networks and increase the number of friends, if you like to attract attention, but do not forget that there is a real life.