You will need
    • peas;
    • water;
    • butter or vegetable oil;
    • soda;
    • salt.
Take the required amount of peas, and thoroughly go through it, then rinse them under a stream of cool running water. Place it in a bowl and cover with water so that it hid the peas. Note that split peas (sold in halves) swells and cooks much faster than whole. Leave the vegetable soaked for a few hours and if possible, overnight. During this time, even hard enough varieties of peas have time enough to swell and fall apart good.
To shorten the cooking time of pea by using one simple technique. Before cooking peas, and rinse it under running cool water. It should be washed until then, until the water ceases to be cloudy. Put the peas in cold, salted water and wait until boiling. After 10 minutes, add to the pan half a Cup of cold boiled water. After boiling, the peas will be soft in just a few minutes. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated and make the peas more crumbly.
Good means of significantly accelerating the cooking of pea soup and porridge, is butter or animal fat. Add a few tablespoons of this product in the pan after boiling pre-soaked peas. In addition to saving time, it will give the dish an interesting, full-bodied taste. Refined canola oil will also accelerate the cooking process but the flavor of the dish is not affected.
Another ingredient that contributes to the rapid cooking of legumes, is baking soda. After 10-15 minutes after boiling, add peas to the pot soda is based half a teaspoon to 2 liters of fluid. Be careful, a larger amount of the baking soda can ruin the taste of your meals. This method allows for softer peas after 5-7 minutes of cooking.