Young pods without peas can be used in the same dishes where the beans. They just can freeze for later. Take well-known recipes or invent a new one, but keep in mind that fresh pea pods taste will be much sweeter than bean. And another important detail: when cooking fresh pea pods in consistency as juicy canned corn and thawed, as well as all the greens out of the freezer - sluggish-dull.

After eating the pods of peas, rinse thoroughly. Separate the damaged from and dry counterparts. If you want you can take the place of inflorescences. If you will follow the thread fiber, dispose of it. The focus should be on ease of cutting of the pod with a knife: if it is easy to cut, so it will be soft in the cooking. Such pods also called dairy. They are bright, dense and break easily. If you come across slightly dry - not terrible, they'll pick up juice from their counterparts in the cooking process.

After this you should cut pea pods better: bigger or smaller as you want. And safe to cook.

For example, you can bake green pea pods in the oven with tomato, onion and butter, add spices, salt, herbs. And for them to add potatoes, rice, or meatballs, for those who like satisfying. Or cook vegetable soup of sliced pods, or make soup. To fry eggs, scrambled eggs or omelet with pods. A stew with vegetables. And the pods with immature peas chopped in salads.

Variants of dishes from pea pods to come up with a lot. Vitamins and minerals are the same as in the pea, but also a lot of fiber, which improves and facilitates the work of the intestine.

Do not dismiss empty valves of peas, as the invention Goli. If you watch your health and eat at least sometimes green beans, be sure to try and pea pods. Not all that free means bad. And not all that more expensive means better.