Create a village initiative group and legally sign up as a consumer society.
Create bylaws, hold a meeting and select the person who, on behalf of your consumer companies will be allowed to gasification of the village.
Then the chosen representative must apply to the regional organization in charge of gas distribution, on behalf of all the members of the consumer society for obtaining technical conditions of connection of gas. The application shall attach the following documents:
- the documents confirming powers of the person signing the request letter (written statement);
- a copy of the General plan of district indicating location of villages;
- the documents confirming the right of ownership to the existing gasification facilities or the documents of title to land, which is supposed to gasify;
- calculate the fuel requirements (the required amount of gas), mH/h mH/year, performed by a specialized organization. This may be the same organization of gas, which will give you the technical conditions for connection.
After obtaining specifications for connection of gas, contact a dedicated project organization for the project development of the connection. Be sure to check the license and permission of the organization for such kinds of design. Address of this organisation can tell you in the same gas.
After receiving the finished project, you have to pass a difficult stage of approval it in the courts of the district administration, area.
Next, you must find a contractor who will be hired to build the total pipeline in your village, to install gas equipment in homes. The contractor must also have the appropriate permissions to carry out these works and the license.
After the construction of the pipeline and installation of gas equipment, to enter into a contract for the supply of gas from the regional gas distribution company.