Advice 1: How to increase energy

There is a certain quota of power consumption that is allocated to the apartment or house. What if the set of equipment that you have equipped your home lacks this goal? Will have to go to special services.
How to increase energy
Power consumption of electricity is measured in kilowatts, for a residential project is usually allocated a certain amount. To know the amount of power allocated for your apartment or house, contact the operator (company sales). This information you will get help that is paid.
Estimated power for one apartment, as a rule, does not exceed 3 kW, and the use of the electric cooker is not more than 7 kW. The power limit is done with a special switch that automatically turns off once the power level reaches the maximum mark.
To increase the maximum value of power consumption, you need to collect a set of documents:

• the act of differentiation of balance accessory. This document must be signed by three parties: you, the power supplying organization and sales. The act is to define the levels of responsibility of the parties to identify the perpetrators in the event of a crash in the network or accident;
• information about the allocated capacity, which can be obtained in the organization of the power supply;
• a document confirming your ownership of the apartment/house;
• plan of the premises, which must be specified all electrical equipment, including bulbs, sockets and switches. To plan you can employ a person design Agency that provides this service.
In the next stage of compilation of the project of electricity, which is a set of technical documents describing the location and principles of operation of all electric equipment in the apartment, the location of the wiring, etc. the Cost of drawing up such a project depends on the size of your apartment/house. At the end of the project must be approved by the supervising organization and sales.
According to the approved electrical design start electrical work that must be carried out exactly according to him. If an item cannot be fulfilled in real conditions, the project should be pernapasan, and then you can continue installation works with the changes.
Upon completion of installation work, your home will be visited by the inspector of power supervision, which must be caused by the corresponding application. The inspector will make the act of giving the new installation a right to exist. Then, to run the operation.
All the documents that you have accumulated for the time, tell the organization and sales, which will issue in your name a new agreement for the use of electricity. You will then receive a new monthly book and can finally enjoy his technique.

Advice 2: What is the power consumption PC

Electricity consumption is one of the most important settings that you should pay attention to when choosing and buying a personal computer. It depends on the computer capacity and the load on it.
What is the power consumption PC
The power consumption PC is directly connected with the power components included in the PC, as well as the degree of congestion of different software. Thus it turns out that, for example, if you buy a powerful power supply, it will consume much more electricity. It is worth remembering that the more processes will be running on the computer, the more will be consumed in the power supply, respectively, and electricity will be consumed much more. Much more importance is the purpose of running processes, that is, if you just work in the browser, the electricity will be consumed much less, and if you play games or work with demanding graphics applications, then more. The result is that all three of these factors (power supply, number and complexity of processes) directly affect the energy consumption.

Electricity consumption by the computer

Standard office system unit with operating office applications mainly consumes from 250 to 350 watts per hour. A more powerful computer that is running graphics applications and games, respectively, will consume more electricity, for an average of 450 watts per hour. Do not forget about the input devices and output information, which also consume electricity. Modern monitors today use 60 to 100 watt/hour. As for printers and other peripherals, they consume about 10% of the electricity, so they use about 16-17 watt.

The average cost

If you expect the average cost of electricity consumed by personal computer per month, it is enough to multiply the cost for 30 days. For example, if we take the maximum cost of one kilowatt-hour at the Moscow rates, it turns out, about of 3.80 rubles. Thus it appears that if you use a standard office computer to the limit for the entire month and the consumption of electricity from 250-350 watt/hour cost per month 950-1330 rubles (if to use the computer more than 8 hours daily, every month). Gaming computer, respectively, will consume much more electricity, therefore, and money to use such a device to spend more. Of course, the final quantity of electricity consumed depends on how much time you will use the computer and under what conditions.
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