The principle of operation applications-e-readers

Modern smartphones have many qualities: you can watch movies or listen to music, surf the Internet and read books. In recent years, more and more users of smartphones and tablets prefer to spend time reading. For example, you can read a book on the way to work or school, especially if you live in a major metropolis. Why not spend an hour or two with the use?

To Android phone to recognize books of different formats, you need to install a special application. For example, for books in format FB2 (the most promising format for the moment) you can install the FBReader app. This is a fairly simple program that allows you to change the text font, color, styles, set bookmarks, etc.

Next you need to download any book in the FB2 format and keep it on your mobile phone. For example, for this app (FBReader) you need to copy the book on the way /mnt/sdcard/Books. Then you need to run the application, and the library should display the added book. Before reading, you can also open the program settings and adjust the font and text color, background color, etc.

The simple principle of the application of the newsreaders on Android. But books exist in various formats (not only FB2), and they need to find other, more universal application.

Choice apps for reading books on Android

Most of the books are of such formats – fb2, doc, txt, pdf, djvu, etc. Each mobile application is able to read one or more of these formats. And depending on what format you have the book you need and pick a program.

For example, for books of PDF format, you can use the Aldiko app. Besides pdf, this program also recognizes the EPUB and Adobe DRM. The program interface is made in the style of bookshelves, on which are placed all books of a user.

One of the most popular programs for reading books is also considered to be Google Play Books. The main advantages of this application is available to download for free more than 3 million books, as well as synchronization with Google cloud. Thanks to the synchronization, you can store books in cloud storage that gives you the opportunity to read the same book across devices.

Another universal reader is Moon Reader. The application supports a very large number of formats zip, txt, mobi, htlm etc.

Thus, depending on the format of the books can be installed as one universal app, and select multiple apps to read certain formats.