You will need
  • The computer, connection to the Internet.
Buy a domain name and hosting for your future website. Domain – the name by which the website will be available in the network, the hosting space to host your site. To date, most registrars offer their customers the simultaneous acquisition of the domain name and hosting. This is quite convenient, since all additions to the websitehave to be located essentially in one place. Each domain name Registrar offers a service price (they can vary significantly among different registrars). Therefore, carefully approach the choice of service, where you can buy a domain and hosting.
Once the hosting and domain will be purchased, you need to delegate the DNS and bind the domain to purchased hostingfrom. Binding is done in the admin panel of the host, and delegation can be performed in a private office (opposite services hostingand will stand the corresponding command). Note that when you purchase the hostingand you have FTP access. You'll need to download the siteand the Internet.
To upload the website, you will need a FTP-Manager FileZilla. It is free and can be downloaded from the official websiteand the developer: After downloading the program, install it on your PC and start using the appropriate shortcut.
Enter in the appropriate fields of the program access data via FTP (available by mail when you purchase hosting. Connecting to the server, navigate to the folder Public-HTML. In it, create a directory (the name of the domain without http://www). Open the created directory and add the files to your website. The resource will be available for the domain name at the expiration of 24 hours after the DNS delegation.