Mom diet
It's a moot point. But if your baby is suffering from gases, a sin not to try to withdraw for a time from certain foods in your diet (if breastfeeding, of course) that cause excessive flatulence: beans, peas, and grapes. Should not eat fatty and fried, it gives additional burden on the immature liver of the baby, which in turn can lead to digestive problems.
Before feeding put the baby on his tummy, and then hold upright, allowing the burp out swallowed air. During suckling the baby inevitably traps air which should be released after a meal. Make sure that the baby took the breast properly, and not just the nipple. Then he will have less air to grab. If you have doubts, whether correctly the child takes the breast, invite a consultant on breast-feeding.
Massage the abdomen clockwise
Massage really helps, but we must do it regularly and for a long time. Thanks to massage also increases intestinal peristalsis, and gases depart easier.
Special preparations
Drugs that help the waste gases from the intestine of the baby, should contain simethicone (Espumizan, Sub-simplex, cough syrup). These drugs differ in the concentration of the active substance, so the dosage may be different, but the principle of one. Yet they contain different flavors that can cause allergies. The simethicone is not absorbed in the intestine and safe for baby. Apply the product with simethicone have regularly, during the day, then in the evening (when intestinal gases especially a lot) it will help. From a single application will have no effect.
A warm cloth or heating pad on your stomach
We recommend you to buy salt the warmer the small size. A hot water bottle in the diaper should be applied to the tummy of the baby, it helps immediately reduce pain. If no heating pads, can be ironed thick diaper and attach it. The method is very simple, but effective.
Water as a drink
Water increases intestinal peristalsis, which helps move gases and regular chair. But the baby should be accustomed to drink water. Better to do it with a teaspoon. If you give a bottle much small baby, he may refuse the breast. Some children refuse to drink water. Therefore – try.
The use of teas or preparations with fennel (Plantex, for example) is also a moot point. Someone said that it helps the fennel, some say it helps, like just water. Fennel tea is very fragrant, so not every child will agree to drink. Moreover, in the drug Plantex contains lactose, in some cases, this may increase colic. So be careful, watch the reaction of the baby to the drug.
Dietary supplements that help to establish the child's digestion
For example, Lactase-baby (contains an enzyme that helps break down protein milk) and primadophilus (bifidobacteria). Better before applying them to consult a doctor. There are special tests to help determine whether enough the kid has all the enzymes or bacteria in the gut. From experience it is noticed that as soon as he started to drink bifidobacteria, chair, the baby was normal, and the cramps became much less.