You will need
  • - utility AI Booster.
To reduce the frequency of the bus you will need to program AI Booster. It is a completely free application that can be easily found on the Internet. Download it and install on your computer. After installation, you may have to restart. The program is integrated into the startup. Therefore, after the computer restarts, it will start automatically.
In the menu click the icon to Display the tuning panel. Thus you will open an additional panel which can be used to control some basic settings of the motherboard.
Now you need to activate the possibility of management of FSB of the motherboard. To do this, select item Tuning. Current bus frequency is under Tuning. Next to it there are two icons: "minus" and "plus". Accordingly, clicking on the minus icon, you lower the frequency of the bus; clicking on the "plus" - increase. Please note that many motherboard manufacturers fixed minimum frequency. In General, the decrease is much safer than its increase due to possible failure of the processor.
After selecting the desired bus frequency and press Apply. A dialog box will appear with a proposal to restart the computer. This needs to be done. After rebooting the PC bus frequency will be reduced. Accordingly, it will be reduced the frequency of "stone" and the rotation speed of the CPU cooler.
Also on some models the frequency of the bus can be reduced by using the BIOS menu. To enter the BIOS press DEL at the initial screen download PC. Next In the BIOS find the section Overclocking. In this section you will find the FSB option, then select the desired frequency. After this exit the BIOS. Be sure when you exit save the settings. The computer will reboot, and the bus frequency will be reduced.