You will need
  • emulator of injectors;
  • - screwdriver.
Select and install the emulator injectors. The name of this device speaks for itself. Emulation (eng. - emulation) means the playback software or hardware other software or devices. Emulator remarkable for the fact that when installing the electronic control unit does not recognize the disconnection of the feed system of petrol, as this device the signals simulating the operation of the injectors. So the ECU thinks everything is in order and, accordingly, does not output the error message.
When selecting the emulator injectors, you must consider the brand of your car and the design of its power system. The cost of the device is small, and installing it is very simple to handle.
Install emulator of injectors in the engine compartment. When selecting a location for mounting the appliance must be protected from moisture, mechanical damage. In damp conditions the connectors of the emulator oxidize and loose contact.
Fix emulator of injectors by means of screws or screws that are supplied with it. The harness coming from the device should not be stretched to avoid breakage.
Connect the emulator. The color of the wires in devices from different manufacturers can vary slightly, but the black wire is almost always connected to ground, blue is power to the gas electrovalve. Other wires come in pairs. The procedure for connecting them to the injectors is arbitrary.
Select a pair of wires for connection to an injector, for example, green and black-green. Connect the green to the nozzle with the help of connectors, black and green - to the control unit (ECU). They are fixed by means of connectors.
Connect thus all of the nozzles to the emulator. Near the connector on the device is located the potentiometer. Install it on delay time turn-off injection. The delay can be set from 0 to 5 seconds.