You will need
  • - a personal computer with Internet access.
When registering on the website and during creation of the email account of the user is required to enter the username – the unique name by which a user logs in to your account or mail. Think of it not so difficult, especially since each post resource offers several variants of the name of the user account that is presented in the form of a small list. As a rule, the species of such a login based on previously entered data – name, surname, date of birth.
If you create your own "name" you can use one of the available options or specify your own. With this you can vary with your own name, surname, date, add numbers, letters and special characters. Try to create a convenient login to in case of a loss it was possible to recover. For example, a user with the name Ivanova Irina S. will fit the login form In the account you could also include the names of relatives, names of Pets, and any other words and symbols.
As for the password, it, unlike the login needs to be much more complicated and tricky. For his writing use alphanumeric value with the addition of special characters. Alternate the signs of the code in any order.
But in any case, as the password do not use part of your login. Also, do not include their passport details, date of birth, place of residence. Remember: the stronger the password, the more characters, the better protection of your data. But the main thing - do not forget your password. Therefore, for their own convenience, save it in a text document or in a special notebook.
To eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to your data on social networks, email, games, never give out your username and password. For reliability, once a month change them.