First of all, look at the Charter, who has the right to issue administrative documents. If it stipulates that the right of publication has only the head (the Director), and to execute documents for a business trip he needs. If you have delegated the right of signature to Deputy travel documents signed by this person.
Apply for a utility job for the Fielding, it has a unified form T-10A. Here, specify the destination of travel, time of its beginning and end (according to the tickets), the purpose of the trip. Sign the document. After a service visit, please complete a report that is placed in the bottom of the form.
Issue an order on the direction of the employee on a business trip (form number T-9). If the Charter stipulates the delegation of signing authority to another person, to make administrative document he needs. Here enter information about a service trip: destination, period of trip, purpose, and basis (utility job). Sign the paper or give the signature of the Deputy.
Complete your order on your temporary replacement. If a Deputy, appoint to perform the duties of the Manager; if not in the state of such posts – give another person. The airport list the period of substitution and the reason (business trip), specify a set of permissions.
Apply for Deputy power of attorney. For example, to provide the company's interests in the tax court. Take care and signing financial documents. For this you can contact the servicing Bank and you to alter the card signatures.
Make a business trip permit (form T-10). Please include the names of the Director of the organization, its personnel number. Below enter the purpose of travel and period of stay outside the workplace. Opisite document.