Sometimes in the process of using a computer there is a situation when you need to know the password for the network connection.
If you have forgotten or do not know the network password, you can reset it to a new password by using factory reset.
If you are using an Ethernet router open the preferences and reset the values, returning the previous default. Then open any Internet browser, paste in the address bar the router address and enter the username "admin" without a password.
Set the desired security settings, enter the new user name and type the password that you will use when connecting. Click on "Save changes".
If you use another type of local network, you download special software to crack the password on that computer, install and log in to any of the found networks. Then change the settings according to the previous paragraphs. However, be careful with the choice of site for download programs – some of them may introduce a Trojan.
If you need to know the password to access someone else's point of WiFi, you need to use Windows on that computer.
Open the "control Panel" on your computer and select "Network connections". Then open the "Wireless network connection" and click on the option "Set a wireless network".
In the opened tab "Master of the wireless network" click button "Next" and do the same in the next window called "Add new computers". Then select the "setup a network manually" and then "Next" select "Print network settings".
When on the screen there is a window with a Notepad to view its contents. Among the wireless network settings you will find the line "network Key" where it will be printed with the password string.