Get permission to build the store, and most importantly, the land for the construction of retail space. Next, you will receive the corresponding license for the sale of goods subject to licensing. All required documentation must be in order, approved and registered. Be sure to make a business plan, to know in advance whether you have enough funds not only to build the shop but also for the maintenance staff.
Decide on the range of products that will be on the shelves of your store, and for some categories of customers, it will be calculated.Based on this, select the design and appearance of future shop, which must correspond of the products sold there. Don't forget to come up with a name for the store, it is advisable to make it easy to remember.
Lay the Foundation, then continue the construction according to the prescribed layout and design, do not forget to build a room for storing goods. It is also necessary to remember about the technical conditions of connection to external utilities, such as electricity, water, heat and cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning, telephone and Internet lines, security systems and surveillance systems, etc.
Decide on the selection of equipment that would meet all the requirements and specifics of your merchandise, it is best to order from specialized companies. When ordering equipment, be sure to consider the area of your store. The equipment should not interfere with any of the staff or the buyer.
Once the store is built and fully equipped, it is necessary to conclude contracts with suppliers of goods, to pick and train staff not only work, but polite treatment of the customer. So do not forget that the store lighting should be bright, to better see the goods and the price tags on it. Must be the entrance to the shop trucks. And don't forget about advertising.