Some phone settings are stored in its firmware and have the ability to recover. But each device has unique settings, specific to this phone, for example, certificate files SUNAVI GPS. To store information about the location of the files in the phone table is used FAT. Initially, these tables were designed to store information about directories and files on the hard drives of personal computers. Each PC has two such tables, to the loss of information in one of them, the second was able to recover the data PC.
Almost all phone settings stored in it the hidden system drive. Before you format or flash phone, you need to make a copy of these settings. In order to access the system folders of the phone, you will need a personal computer program for Maui META Tool and cable to flash.
Install the software on your computer. Connect the connecting cable install the driver to it. Configure the program port on the connecting cable, then click "Reconnect".
Turn off your phone. Connect it to connecting the cable, press the power button. The program begins communicating with the phone. On the computer screen a list will appear select from the list the option FAT Editor, in which the right side is configured by default to work with the disc and the left – is responsible for operations with files on your computer. Files disk available in the menu "file Management", and also when connecting the phone to the computer, if you use the "Mass storage".
To get into the hidden system drive in the "FAT Current path" enter the path to its root directory, in this case D. Click "Get Directory List" and get the list of directories the system disk. Select the directory @Java and click "Get Directory List" to get list of files in this directory. So you will get access to system folders.
Sometimes when opening the catalog list, a message appears that the folder files no. After you complete all operations on record files or in their reading, be sure to click the "Disconnect" for correct shutdown of the phone.