Is to say, in cases when fish is not needs care, and she dies pretty quickly. Sometimes she lives only three to four days. To ensure the proper care of goldfish, it is necessary to consider what your aquarium as well as know what to do with the water before her run fish. It is also important to decide what to feed the animal. If we talk about choosing the right aquarium, it should be said that in small aquariums, these fish die. Itself the more fish or larger the number, the greater must be the volume of the glass housing. Future owners should know that the water must be enriched with oxygen. The important point is the choice of the “content” of the aquarium. For example, you need to put on the bottom of the gravel, as there are live bacteria which consume ammonia in water decreases its level. The temperature that must be maintained to keep a goldfish, it should not be less or more than 21 degrees.

как утолить голод

In order to keep one gold fish you will need:

как ухаживать за грунтом для аквариума разноцветным

An aquarium of 40 liters – 1 piece.

ухаживать за рыбами в аквариуме

Aquarium filter, with the ability to download air – 1.

Как ухаживать за рыбками гарра руфа

Thermometer for aquariums

расцветка золотых рыбок в картинках

Gravel is medium in size

Aquarium snails

Catfish – 2 individuals

Special food for goldfish

The literature devoted to the maintenance of goldfish

1. Install the aquarium in a suitable location of a house or apartment.

2. Lay on the bottom of the aquarium gravel of medium size.

3. install the filter, pumping air.

4. Install a special thermometer.

5. Fill the aquarium with clean water.

6. Run to the aquarium snails and catfish.

7. Wait a few days or even a week.

8. Make sure that the temperature in the aquarium was 21 degrees.

9. Start a goldfish.

10. Will check how much the fish eats food at a time.

11. Never overfeed goldfish!

12. Never use for keeping gold fish small aquariums.