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фильтр для золотых рыбок

Goldfish are among the hardiest of aquarium inhabitants. They are able to withstand quite considerable cooling or water heating. It is recommended to equip the aquarium with special devices for temperature control, but goldfish can often just change the water and provide the necessary care.
In a natural environment, goldfish can survive even in the icy water. They are among the most tenacious aquatic creatures.

In an aquarium with a goldfish must contain any aquatic plants. With just a few twigs. On the bottom of the vessel can pour the gravel or place decorative balls that will turn a fishbowl into a kind of design decoration of home or office. The sand in this case is not recommended. In a fishbowl a small area and the dust can contaminate the water and make it harmful for goldfish.

It is very important to provide water to the inhabitant of a sufficient amount of light. It is better to put the aquarium in a well-lit place, or use additional devices. Due to the lack of sunlight goldfish may die.

To keep one round the aquarium, some goldfish is not worth it. The calculation of the required area must be in accordance with the proportion of 1 cm body length of fish to 3 liters of water. Otherwise, the inhabitants of the vessel is simply not enough oxygen for normal functioning.

Features a round aquariums

Как ухаживать за рыбками гарра руфа

Contain a goldfish in an empty aquarium is not recommended. The fact that minimal quantity of vegetation, the walls of the vessel create the lens effect. Fish in such an atmosphere will be in constant fear that will lead to serious consequences from stress.
Quite often you can see a completely empty aquariums with goldfish. However, such conditions are better for the pet, not to create. Vegetation for fish – is a Supplement to the main feed and a source of vitamins.

In a round aquarium, it is necessary to create the most comfortable conditions for its inhabitants. For this you will need a small lighting system, a compressor for clean water and a special heater. For round aquariums available special compact equipment that does not occupy much space and does not spoil the appearance of the original vessel. Quite often, for example, can meet round aquariums with special caps, in which are mounted all the necessary systems.