Advice 1: How to keep a goldfish in a fishbowl

The popularity of the round aquariums and goldfish due to two main factors – goldfish are among the most hardy and undemanding aquatic life, aquariums and round harmonize with any interior and easy to clean. However, despite such advantages, there are some important rules that relate to the content of fish in such tanks.
How to keep a goldfish in a fishbowl

Content features goldfish

Goldfish are among the hardiest of aquarium inhabitants. They are able to withstand quite considerable cooling or water heating. It is recommended to equip the aquarium with special devices for temperature control, but goldfish can often just change the water and provide the necessary care.
In a natural environment, goldfish can survive even in the icy water. They are among the most tenacious aquatic creatures.

In an aquarium with a goldfish must contain any aquatic plants. With just a few twigs. On the bottom of the vessel can pour the gravel or place decorative balls that will turn a fishbowl into a kind of design decoration of home or office. The sand in this case is not recommended. In a fishbowl a small area and the dust can contaminate the water and make it harmful for goldfish.

It is very important to provide water to the inhabitant of a sufficient amount of light. It is better to put the aquarium in a well-lit place, or use additional devices. Due to the lack of sunlight goldfish may die.

To keep one round the aquarium, some goldfish is not worth it. The calculation of the required area must be in accordance with the proportion of 1 cm body length of fish to 3 liters of water. Otherwise, the inhabitants of the vessel is simply not enough oxygen for normal functioning.

Features a round aquariums

Contain a goldfish in an empty aquarium is not recommended. The fact that minimal quantity of vegetation, the walls of the vessel create the lens effect. Fish in such an atmosphere will be in constant fear that will lead to serious consequences from stress.
Quite often you can see a completely empty aquariums with goldfish. However, such conditions are better for the pet, not to create. Vegetation for fish – is a Supplement to the main feed and a source of vitamins.

In a round aquarium, it is necessary to create the most comfortable conditions for its inhabitants. For this you will need a small lighting system, a compressor for clean water and a special heater. For round aquariums available special compact equipment that does not occupy much space and does not spoil the appearance of the original vessel. Quite often, for example, can meet round aquariums with special caps, in which are mounted all the necessary systems.

Advice 2: How to keep the fish in the aquarium

The aquarium is a closed biological system, the stability of which depends on compatibility and well-being of the inhabitants of the aquarium fish, plants, and microorganisms. When the content of the aquarium should be aware that most of the fish live well and multiply only when the conditions in it most similar to the natural conditions of their habitat.
How to keep the fish in the aquarium
Prepare water
The life and health of fish depend primarily on the quality of their habitat - water. You should know that before you pour water into the aquarium, you should give it to settle at least 3-4 days. This is necessary to ensure that the chlorine used in the water system for disinfection, completely out of the water. Before you put the "tenants" in their new "home", thoroughly rinse the aquarium and fill it with water for a few days. This is done in order to glue that bonded the glass of the aquarium, went all the harmful substances. It is recommended to change the water several times.
Pick up and drop plants
Lay the ground. Fill the tank water pooled about 1/3. Higher plants should be placed at the back wall of the aquarium, undersized up front. Planting plants, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of fish behavior. The inhabitants of the aquarium should be enough space for free movement. Useful for fry floating plants they can hide from the adult fish. In addition to higher plants, the tank has to be algae. To algae from growing too much and did not interfere with normal breathing and eating other plants, aquarium lighting should not be too bright. For example, the aquarium with a volume of 200-300 liters are quite enough fluorescent lamps of 40 watts. It is recommended to put in aquarium algae such as nitella, 'hara and aegagropila. They enrich the water with oxygen. Besides, it is possible to judge about the well-being of the entire biological system of the aquarium, because in case of heavy pollution, the algae quickly die.
Pick up the fish
The selection of new "residents" must take into account their "taste preferences and living needs. For example, predatory fish will take small inhabitants as a sacrifice. Also not to put small schooling fish one by one. You should not put in one aquarium fish with different requirements to the environment. Utilization of excess feed recommended "hooked" in aquarium snails melanoma - they will cope with this problem.
Aquarium care
One of the most common mistakes novice aquarists - complete change of water in the aquarium. For most fish the water in the tank is sufficient to refill one time in 8-10 days. It is necessary to remove debris and uneaten food from the bottom of the aquarium using a special hose. Drain some water from the aquarium, and then add the same amount of pre-settled water.
Fish feeding
It should be remembered that in the aquarium fish are deficient movement. So to feed the fish, it is often necessary, but small portions. You should know that healthy fish can easily do without food for a period of 15-20 days. Moreover, short-term fasting stimulates the fish reproduction.

Advice 3: How to change the water fish in the aquarium

The quality of water directly affects the health of fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium. To change it you need a few times a month, each time adding a small part. Water from the tap need to defend, and only then it is possible to plant algae and underwater plants, and run your Pets.
How to change the water fish in the aquarium
You will need
  • -the water reservoir;
  • siphon-nozzle or plastic tube with a diameter of 1-1,5 cm
  • -additives to neutralize harmful substances (optional).
Type in the desired amount of water and defend it at least 5-7 days. In that case, if possible you draw in, 1-2 days later, filter the water through activated charcoal or boil for 10 minutes. However, you must remember that in the process of boiling water loses oxygen and it needs to aerate. Defend water in an enamel or glass container (enamel needs to be intact). Undesirable, but still you can use to defend plastic bottles. Typed in water, put in a place where it will not get sunlight.
Defend the water
If your aquarium is soil, empty the old water, using a special siphon with a nozzle. Otherwise, you can also use a plastic tube of small diameter (1-1,5 cm). At the end, lowered into the water pipe, be sure to put gauze, to ensure that it does not suck fish. Don't forget about the walls of the aquarium, in the case of heavy contamination, you should be sure to clean up before changing water. Adding water is carried out only partially, over time you can change no more than 1/3-1/5 of the volume of the aquarium. Full water change you need to only in extreme cases, such as the emergence of fungal slime, adding unwanted microorganisms, a large contamination of soil, etc.
Drain part of the water with a siphon-nozzle
For filling a new aquarium for the water not less than 5 days, and then pour it in the prepared aquarium plant plants and run of the fish. If you want to speed up the establishment of normal environment, add little water and soil of the already-built successful aquarium, which is a prepared set of microorganisms. Optionally, you can buy special supplements, which neutralize harmful substances in the store, when using water do not need to defend it.
Do not overfeed the fish, that is incorrect feeding often causes damage to the environment in the aquarium.
Useful advice
To check well water in the aquarium or not, breathe in some air from the surface. The smell should be light and unobtrusive. Impurities from odors indicate that in the aquarium are unfavorable processes. Refilling water is optimally carried out once a week.
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