So what kind of fish can you advise beginner aquarists? Of course, the most unpretentious. Today, these undemanding on the part of the care of aquarium inhabitants, there are many. Therefore, you can choose any kinds of fish, different sizes with any color.

The best types of fish for beginner aquarists

For example, as the first residents of the new aquarium, you can choose zebrafish. These moving and peaceful fish are both medium and small sizes, they prefer to live in packs. It is advisable to top of the aquarium covered with glass, because these fish characterized by a kind of jumping ability. It's necessary to observe that "home" zebrafish was spacious and well lit. You should also take care of the aeration, as zebrafish require transparent, oxygen-rich water. These fish are undemanding to food, and therefore are equally happy to have, both live and dry food. Undemanding data inhabitants and to the chemistry of the water. Most importantly the water must be fresh.
In 2003, on the world market, a genetically modified breed zebrafish fluorescence. It was obtained by implanting the DNA of the embryo zebrafish DNA fragment jellyfish with the ability of biofluorescence.

Incredibly beautiful in the aquarium look barbs. Fish of this species never ceases to amaze with its diversity and splendor. For barbs are characterized by a high activity, and they are quite peaceful. They do not want to plant other inhabitants, with filamentous fins, for example, skalyariy, as they can nip the fins of them. The same applies to slow-moving fishes with the so-called "valetime" fins. Best neighbors for barbs is speckled catfish. And although the latter is a special beauty not different, can live in any, even in not very clean water. They are friendly and easy to get along with other fish.

Platypus are also good neighbors to aquarium inhabitants, because it is endowed with such qualities, as calmness and peacefulness. One of their advantages is omnivorous. Can even live in small aquariums, though, and need some wiggle room. In their "housing" needs to be live plants, and preferably some of them floated on the surface.

The most simple species

The main mistake Amateurs guppy is in a tank of several species, resulting in offspring of a cross between low value.
The palm in the nomination "the most undemanding aquarium fish" definitely keep guppies. They are considered to be the most common aquarium fish, which is attractive for its undemanding, both Amateur and novice aquarists. It is also noteworthy that the guppies first of all aquarium Pets have been in space. Experts have noticed that such fish in artificial conditions grow better in natural waters. Enough to have only a couple, and soon their number would increase greatly as these fish viviparous. If large offspring is not necessary, that the pregnant female is better not to isolate from the common tank. The fry will be fine food for other fish. For males of the guppy is characterized by a large variety of different colors, although the females are nondescript in appearance. But they are quite undemanding and thrive in any water, lowering the temperature for them is not terrible.