Buy a special set for the care of optical disks, which includes the necessary components to clean the surface of CD/DVD media. Typically, the package contains a vial with a special liquid and a sponge or disposable wipes. In addition to these, the kit can include the container, allowing in the truest sense of the expression "blow dust" from the tracks of an optical disk. Moreover, based on some sets is an automatic device in which you have to fill supplied consumables and place the optical disc, and the cleaning procedure the machine will produce. The easiest of kits contains a number of special liquid impregnated disposable wipes.
Find soft cotton cloth, lint-free, if you buy a special set is not possible. As the washing liquid can be used plain water. Means for washing of glasses is also good.
If the kit is intended for manual cleaning of optical discs, do this motion from the center to the edge is likely to cause mechanical damage in a circular motion is much higher. After the procedure the CD should be dry. If you used special materials from the acquired set, the liquid will evaporate from the surface itself. Otherwise, the same radial motion, wipe the disc with a dry cotton cloth.
Use any application to burn optical discs, if the cleaning does not need the CD-ROM and its contents. But first you should find out, is possible in principle to such an operation. An obligatory condition is the presence in the computer recordable CD/DVD drive. In addition, the CD-ROM should be designed for reuse. If the CD marking is the letter W, then this condition is met. Another possible obstacle is if the previous write data on the disk it is "finalized" (was the corresponding label in the recording settings), then no change in its contents is now impossible.
If you installed one of the latest versions of the operating system (e.g. Windows 7 or Windows Vista) use its own components to clean the disk directory. Load the CD into the reader, start Windows Explorer, and click the optical drive icon, right-click. In the context menu select "Format" and the screen will display the settings window disk cleanup. To change anything in the default settings is not necessary, click "Start" and the process of formatting the CD starts.