The game, like any other software, consists of files or a single file with the extension *.exe. Provided that you bought the game on CD or DVD to wipe out it you can not, as this kind of CDs is not intended to overwrite.
If you recorded the game on a CD or DVD drive marked RW, then you can completely erase all the information on it. To make this possible through the standard mechanisms provided in Windows. Insert dick in drive. Open content using AutoPlay or Windows Explorer. The top is the inscription "Erase disc", click on it. A new window will be a question about confirmation, click "Next". Wait until the program finish the disk cleanup.
Similarly, you can use software that is designed to burn discs, e.g. Nero. Look in the tabs FOR the item "Erase rewritable disc". Sometimes asked to specify cleaning: full or quick. We recommend that you fully clean the drive. It will take a little more time, but will reduce the risk of errors in the subsequent recording.
If you used a flash USB drive, delete the installation files from there, you can use ordinary Delete command. Select the appropriate folder, click the right mouse button in the context menu find the appropriate item. If you need to completely clear the drive, go to "Computer", click on the icon with the name of your flash drive, right-click, the context menu select "Format". A window will open in which you have to press the button "Start".